Gun o’ Clock Alarm Clock

gun o clock alarm clock

The Gun o’ Clock alarm clock is the new best way to wake you up from your deep snooze. When the alarm goes off, a target swings out from the top and this is where you whip out the gun that is included and shoot away at the target

To make sure you’re wide awake, the Gun o’ Clock is programmed with 3 different mini-games for you to wake up to. All of which requires precision and precision means you’ve awoken (unless you’re James Bond and have perfect aim no matter what).

The 3 different game modes are:

  • Quick Shot Mode: You have 3 minutes to fire 5 perfect shots at the target.
  • Time Mode: Here you are timed by how quickly you shoot the target when the alarm goes off. It then displays the time it took you to hit the target. You’ll want to beat your score each time 😉
  • Random Mode: Here, there no time limit. Just shoot the target when you’re awake.

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