Tetris Night Light

tetris night light

The Tetris Light designed by Paladone Products Ltd. is the only lamp that can be stacked and re-arranged in any combination. The set consists of 7 colorful Tetris blocks in total which contains one of each of the tetromino shapes. The blue block is the only one that is plugged in and stays lit all of the time. Any blocks that make contact to the blue block or any other illuminated block will also illuminate in bright LED colors. When a block is removed from the stack, it turns off. Aside from being a stylish addition to any part of your home, it will also give you the ability to bring Tetris to life. You can buy multiple sets of the Tetris Light and stack, stack,  and stack away until you hit the top. Then you start all over again. It’s a must-have collectible to any Tetris-addict including myself.

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