Tile Bluetooth Tracker

tile bluetooth tracker

The Tile is the world’s largest lost and found. These sleek devices can be placed on anything important to you that you may lose.

As long as there is are tiles attached to your belongings, you can find them within 100 – 150 using the Tile app for android and iOS. The app can connect to multiple tiles on one account so you can put one on your key-chain,  bicycle, laptop, wallet, or you can even drop one in your purse or luggage. Anything that has a tile within range can be tracked. It will tell you if you’re getting warmer and also sound out an alarm for you so you can hear it.

Feel free to share them with your friends. They don’t require batteries and they don’t need to be charged either. However, Tiles are only good for one year, in which the company will send you a reminder one month beforehand that you need to replace your Tiles. They’ll even send you an envelope to recycle the old ones.

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