3D Sleeping Bluetooth Headphone Eye Mask

3d sleeping bluetooth headphone eye mask

Another impressive wearable device is the 3D sleeping headphone eye mask with Bluetooth capability. This is surely the solution to your long sleepless nights by allowing you to play relaxing music or sounds while you sleep.

The elastic headband fits perfectly on your face. With the adjustable magic strap, you can re-position anytime to give you a comfy feeling while sleeping. Proven to be safe and effective for sleeping without damaging your eyes. The 3D design gives you a soothing feeling to sleep.

This multi-purpose 3D Sleeping Bluetooth Eye Mask is also your perfect companion while on travel. The mask is ergonomically curved to fit perfectly while listening to music and answer calls from your phone without an additional headset. It gives you long hours of sleep and makes you relax. It’s soft and comfortable to wear. Absorbs sweat and easy-to-wash. The only wearable solution device to your sleepless nights.

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