MS-2 Mini Marshall Guitar Amp

ms 2 mini marshall guitar amp

The MS-2 Mini Marshall Guitar Amp is a 1-watt amp that delivers quality Marshall tone on the go.

Manufactured to be the size of a thick oatmeal box and battery operational, the MS-2 is the ultimate portable amp to bring with you on your electric guitar travels. It can also run on AC power using an adapter that is sold separately. 1 watt doesn’t seem to be all that much but you’d be surprised how loud this amp can get.

The MS-2 has 3 functional knobs that control volume, tone, and clean/overdrive settings. It also includes a headphone jack on the side for private playing and an attached clip on the back to hook onto your belt.

With the MS-2, you’ll be able to do those street performances you’ve always wanted to do without the hassle of carrying around a heavy amp and searching for a power outlet.

It’s quite amazing how Marshall is able to replicate every traditional detail of a Marshall amp right down to the brushed aluminum face-plate into something so small and affordable. Another amp well done.

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