Withings Smart Body Analyzer

withings smart body analyzer

The Smart Body Analyzer designed by Withings monitors your weight, heart rate, and Air Quality and displays the data on your mobile smartphone, tablet or PC through wireless internet. It is without a doubt one of the most intelligent scales in existence.

Using the Withings Health Mate application, all information collected by the Smart Body Analyzer will be recorded so that you can finally become weight-aware and familiar with your progress. The highly technical app will even tell you how much weight you need to lose or gain for the week in order to meet your goal at your specified deadline.

Not only will the scale measure your weight, but it also calculates lean mass, fat mass, and body mass index and reveals them to you on a graphical display using the “web dashboard” provided by Withings.

Heart Rate Tracking

Aside from weight-watching, the Smart Body Analyzer can also measure your heart rate through your feet. In order to assist you with the maintenance of a healthy heart, the history of your heart’s rate is recorded in the Withings applications so that you can know the condition of your heart and make improvements when necessary.

Air Quality Control

The Smart Body Analyzer can also detect the indoor air quality of your home by detecting its temperature and carbon dioxide levels. This will ensure that your air stays nice and healthy for you all of the time.

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