Wind-up Shredder Shreds Your Paper Without Electricity

This neat, electric-free, wind-up shredder allows you to bring your paper shredding with you wherever you go. Just wind the knob on the side and there you have it! Securely shredded documents.

Why is this better than an electronic shredder?

Saves electricity +  if you decide halfway that you’re shredding the wrong document, just rotate the knob the other way and you’ll at least be able to save half of it. You won’t even have to put up a fight like you would if you were accidentally shredding a document in an electric shredder.

wind-up shredder

It does seem to look like it works well, but the downside of this product is that you won’t be expecting a whole stack of papers being shredded very quickly. That’s what big electric shredders are for.Looking at this picture, my guess would be that the Wind-up Shredder was made in China, given the Chinese text and all.

*Very useful for shredding documents you can’t read. No picture pun intended*

Price: $20

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