Renova Colored Toilet Paper Fashionizes Your Hygienic Life!

Renova Colored Toilet Paper

The Renova Colored Toilet Paper collection is the fashionable, revolutionary tool for wiping your ***. That’s right, your eye.

Sold in tubes of six, the Renova Toilet paper has been very popular in Europe for years now and has finally been introduced into Canada! Now you can take advantage of these colored toilet paper rolls and decorate your enemies houses with rainbow colors. It’s the sexiest paper on earth!

Each roll of toilet paper is uniquely etched with the Renova logo and is made up of 100% biodegradable virgin pulp. It is also advertised as being recyclable but I swear, I will totally come after you if you take a number two and drop sections of this toilet paper into your recycling bin.

The Renova Colored Toilet Paper rolls do not bleed colors when wet. Here is a sample of the variety of toilet paper that Renova offers:

One thing that I would not suggest is to use Renova’s black toilet paper after taking a dump. I don’t know how you would be able to see if you’re clean or not because it wouldn’t be visible on black. Simple judgement is not trusted in this situation.

Price: $15

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