Quad Lock is the World’s Lightest and Most Secure Smartphone Mount


The Quad Lock Mounting System is a strong, secure and light mounting system for your smartphone devices.

With a wide variety of Quad Lock adapters and adhesives, you can mount your phone on virtually anything from bikes, car dashboards, walls and even your forehead if you really wanted to (jokes!). All of this is made possible using a unique “turn and lock” mechanism; a mechanism so powerful that it was successfully tested on the wing of an flying airplane. Now that’s bad-ass.

With the Quad Lock, you are able to have your phone out during activities that you would otherwise find difficult to do. Ever tried biking with a phone in your hands? Not the easiest task, or the safest for that matter. The mount makes everything hands-free and conveniently accessible anywhere you’d like.

There are no mounting limitations. If there is no mount made specifically for your device, you can buy universal adapters that will adhere to your device as long as it has a flat surface. These adapters enable compatibility with any Quad Lock Mounting System so that you can mount any smartphone or video cameras.

Some mounts give you the option to it into a wall so that you can even hold heavier objects like guitars and small flat screen TVs. Just make sure it’s not too heavy so that adhesive will hold.

Price: $40 – $60

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