Nintendo Pokémon GO Plus

nintendo pokemon go plus

Catching Pokemons has never been easier with the Nintendo Pokémon GO Plus!

You heard that right! Pokemon Go has its own accessory! It’s a small device that lets you play the game while you’re on the go (really how the game is supposed to be played), but without your phone. It’s a simple concept: it notifies you every time you’re nearing an event in the game using lights and vibration.

For example, the Pokémon GO Plus will start blinking and vibrating when you’re in range of a PokéStop. Just press the button and the items you’ve found go straight to your inventory. On the other hand, when a Pokémon is near, the light on the device will flash and vibrate and with one press of a button, you’ve thrown a Poké Ball at it. The only sad thing about this is that it isn’t compatible with Android phones.

Technology is getting more and more advanced. Is it time yet for flying cars or something?

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