MOFT Laptop Stand For Your Everyday Use

MOFT adhesive laptop stand

The MOFT adhesive laptop stand is a great tool to add to your everyday use. It’s an effective item to attach to your laptop to make sure that you get the most benefits out of it. It’s a lightweight laptop stand that ensures that gives you an almost natural finish as it moulds with your laptop.

This laptop stand is made using the finest quality materials. With a removable adhesive, you can easily attach the laptop stand to your laptop. It is extremely durable so there are no chances of the adhesive to come or slide off from your laptop. You can also detach the laptop stand easily, without it leaving a mark on your laptops back.

The laptop stand is stable and makes sure that your laptop is properly balanced throughout your use by the anti-skid rubber that is found at the bottom of this laptop stand. The neat factor about this laptop stand is that its placement is adjustable. This means that you can either keep it at a high or low setting, depending on how your alignment is. A high setting would give you 3 inches in height, making it perfect for you to sit and use your laptop. While the low setting would give you 2 inches in height that is ideal for a standing posture

Why invest in a laptop stand?

A laptop stand is important for a lot of different reasons. One of the main reasons is to make sure that your laptop gets adequate space to cool down. Most of the times you use your laptop, quite literally on your laps or your bed if you’re at home. This makes your laptop heat up much faster. To avoid overheating your laptop, laptop stands play a great part. Some come with a fan underneath to air out and cool down the laptop from the bottom.

Another reason for investing in a laptop stand is to get the alignment or posture right. We barely ever pay attention to our posture when it comes to using your laptop. A laptop stand makes sure that there’s a proper hand to eye-level adjustment. You’ll get rid of all the neck and back problems you face because of having a poor alignment while working on your laptop.

How do you install MOFT?

It’s fairly simple. All you have to do is peel the protection film off from the adhesive side of the laptop stand. Then you flip the stand and place the adhesive side on your laptop’s bottom and you’re ready to use your new laptop stand!

Price: $25

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