Kirby Pillow Will Eat All The Negative Thoughts While You Sleep

As a kid, I used to love wasting time spending hours on playing Kirby. He had the “inhaling-spit” ability and if you played that game too, you would know how fun it was.

The Kirby Pillow is a reminder of the fun childhood times with the added value of comfort. The pillow is a life size version of Kirby, with his mouth open. Now, even you can know how it feels to be inhaled by Kirby. Trust me it is not as bad as it sounds right now!

It is made with the softest material and provides the most comfortable surface to rest your head on. The mouth has a soft cushion inside for you to rest.  It serves multiple purposes.

Bed Time

Everyone needs a comfortable night’s sleep to be energetic the next day. The comfort this cushion provides fulfils just that! You can count on Kirby to give you a refreshing sleep by using his inhaling ability to inhale the negative thoughts out of your head. With this super power, never miss a good night’s rest ever again!

Decorative piece

If you don’t want to sleep in it, and trust me you are missing out all the comfort if you are not. Then you can even just keep it anywhere in your room or house to add a piece of childhood memorabilia or just as a fun piece to add a little colour to the place.

Use it if you don’t want to interact with anyone

Just as we sometimes use our headphones to get out of listening or talking to people. The same way you can use this cushion to get out of situations where you do not want to interact.

You can just stick your head inside Kirby’s head and rest your head on a desk. This way you can avoid any social interaction you do not want to be a part of. Especially if you are a college student and do not have the social battery at all times.

Great for naps

If you are a student in college, you know the importance of a power nap in the library before a full day of classes. You can carry this comfortable pillow with you anywhere, even to the library. If you want to take a nap, just place it on the desk and place your head inside the mouth to take a nap.

It will block all unnecessary light and sound and you will finally have a comfortable way to nap in the library! If that is not a great reason to buy this then I do not know what is.

Use it for your furry pet

If you have a little kitten or puppy, this cute pillow will provide them a comfortable bed for sleeping. We love shopping for our pets, especially getting them the cutest new things. Your pet will love it and always want to sleep in it. It’s that comfortable!

Add a new comfortable cushion to your home!

Price: $19

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