JumpFromPaper™ 2-D Bags

jumpfrompaper 2 d bags

Ever feel like you wanted to be a cartoon or anime character? Now you can somewhat achieve that goal by getting a JumpFromPaper™ bag, designed and created by design-duo, Chay Su and Rika Lin.

The line of JumpFromPaper™ bags are designed with playful, bright, and cheerful colors for a totally innovative style that looks as if they’re popping out of paper. Although it may look 2-D, there’s quite a bit of space inside the actual bags for storage of all your things.

It’s indeed three-dimensional, but it will look two-dimensional from afar giving you that “cartoony” presence that you desire. Plus it’s out of the ordinary so you’ll for sure stand out in a crowd with that back to 1950’s look. What more could you possibly need from a bag?

Check out their original and limited edition collections!

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