Flip-Out TV Mount Saves Space and Allows You to Watch TV Laying Down

The Flip-Out TV Mount is designed to help homeowners save space in their bedroom by giving their TV the ability to fold out of the way when not in use.

When installed, it takes only a tiny pull to get the TV to extend and lock into the perfect viewing angle.

Now if you haven’t already noticed from the posts I made about the Prism Glasses and the WorkEZ Executive Laptop Stand, we’re huge fans of any ideas that lets us lie down and watch movies at the same time. We just can’t stand watching movies while sitting up on our beds!

The Flip-Out TV Mount supports up to 32″ TVs, which is a good size since it’s going to be hanging right above you. You don’t even have to worry about messy cables because they will be neatly tucked behind the TV unit and on the arms of the mount. When the mount is retracted, it turns into a photo frame in which you get to decide what artwork goes nicely with your bedroom.

Price: $950

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