Flip Alarm Clock

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Have you ever set your alarm clock, only to find out that it didn’t go off the next morning when it was supposed to? As a result, you were probably late for school, work, or even an important event! The Lexon Flip Alarm Clock will guarantee that that will never happen to you again!

This alarm clock has two sides on it: the “on’ and the “off” side. To set the alarm, simply flip it so that the “on” side is facing upwards! The alarm time will appear at the bottom right corner of the LCD display. Flipping it over to the”off” side will turn off will deactivate the alarm. When it goes off in the morning,  just flip it over to the “off” position and you’re all set.

For snooze, the Flip Alarm Clock has a touch sensor located on either side. Don’t know why you would need snooze when the alarm is off though. This touch-sensitive button also turns the LCD lights on/off. A guaranteed way of ensuring that your alarm is 100% on when you need it to be :). No cables are required as the Flip Alarm Clock runs on 2 AA batteries.

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