Dash 2.0 Quickdraw Wallet – Minimalist and Practical

Dash 2.0

Dash 2.0 is one of the first wallet available to be both minimalist, and practical.

The wallet comes with 3 compartments: A quick-draw slot for the card that you use most, a card storage compartment for any other cards, and a third compartment that you could use to hold your cash or tiny flat objects such as memory cards.

A card that is placed in the quick draw slot can be accessed quickly by maneuvering the hole in the wallet and sliding the card out with your thumb.

The Dash 2.0 comes in both a vertical and a horizontal design. They both have the same functionality and storage space but some people prefer taking their cards out in different ways.

The vertical design would be more practical if you had a credit card or debit card with a chip on it so that you could quickly slide it out halfway and use it for purchases. The same is true for the horizontal design but it’s designed for cards that swipe.

If you don’t want a brick of a wallet anymore in your back pocket, you need the Dash 2.0.

Price: $19

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