CardSharp 2 Utility Knife Folds Safely Into a Card for Your Wallet

CardSharp 2 Utility Knife

The CardSharp 2 Utility Knife is an ultra thin, credit card-sized knife with a razor sharp, stainless steel blade. The total thickness is only that of 2 credit cards stacked on top of each other.

For use, it unfolds into a blade with a handle from it’s credit card shape. When you’re done using the knife, it folds back safely into it’s built-in card-shaped sheath in which the blade is secured by a rotating latch. That’s double the safety!

CardSharp 2 is made with a strong, polypropylene body which is guaranteed to last a lifetime of folds. The blade will never rust and it will also maintain it’s sharpness for a very long time. Being waterproof and eco-friendly makes it pretty attractive as well.

Price: $8

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