Boon GLO Nightlight

boon glo nightlight

The Boon GLO is a nightlight that features 3 removable balls that glow in the dark. Using a rotating slide at the bottom, the GLO dock is capable of emitting several different colors of lights in which is used to charge the GLO balls. The balls themselves are not electronic so no heat is transmitted and they cannot break!

When the lights are off and all is dark, you can physically remove the balls from the dock and take them anywhere you want. The awesome thing is that when they are removed, they will hold a vibrant light of the set charging color for 30 minutes before they stop glowing. When you’re done with them, simply place them back onto the charging dock where they will absorb light to glow again.

With one of these, you no longer need to turn on the lights on your trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Just grab a ball and go.

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