Back to Basics Apple Peeler

back to basics apple peeler

The Back to Basics Apple Peeler is the best, MUST HAVE apple-peeling tool ever! This all-in-one device will peel, core and slice your apples so easily that you will never use any other method to peel your apples again.

The Apple Peeler is extremely simple to use as well. Just attach an apple onto the fork and turn the crank as fast or slow as you want and you’ll receive a perfect, peeled apple each time. Spin, spin, spin.

With the possession of this Apple Peeler, you can prepare your apples for pies, strudels, and other desserts in no time. Not to mention the fun and joy you’ll have just cranking away at all the apples in your house for absolutely no reason at all.

Apples aren’t the only items that the Back to Basics Apple Peeler can peel. Any round fruit, vegetable, or root that has skin would work as well 🙂

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