Vector, a Friendly AI Robot

vector a friendly ai robot

We live in a world where innovation brings possibility. Vector Robot is another history in the making. A self-reliant machine that can almost do anything like any other human being. It can assist you with various household tasks and even take snapshots using your mobile phone.

It can be connected directly to any available Wi-Fi at home. To operate this machine just say the magic word “Hey, Vector.” The built-in microphone will capture and recognize the command. The robot can move around using the camera as its eyes. When the power switch is on you will hear a “beep” like-sound indicating it’s active and ready to use. The setting can easily be adjusted based on the user’s preference.

The Vector Robot has an amazing personality and can be played by children because of its easy-to-use interface. Every unit comes with a handy manual for easy set-up and installation.

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